Plumbing Exam Prep Refund Policy

Our 100% “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

If you study our materials after purchasing the required references, take your exam, and fail your exam a total of 3 times within one year, we will refund 100% of your original purchase less shipping. No qestions asked.


In order to ensure that the reason for failure was not the fault of inadequate study on the part of the student, the following conditions apply for all refunds.

  • Study our materials and complete all practice exams
  • Take and fail your exam 3 times within one year
  • Email us the legible copies of each of your 3 exam results proving “failure”
  • Return all study materials, reference material receipts and completed practice tests marked with answers
  • Request a refund within one year from seminar date, online class enrollment or Study Guide purchase
  • Once we receive all of the above, we will immediately issue a 100% refund of your original purchase