You will pass your NC Plumbing Exam if you plan and study in advance.

  • Be sure you have the required experience. You'll need 4000 hours of full-time experience for the P-I or P-II plumbing contractor exams, and 3000 hours of full-time experience for the technician exam. Up to half of your experience can be academic or technical training.
  • Choose a study strategy. You'll need to get a plumbing study guide, attend a 2-day plumbing seminar, or seek private tutoring. You have about a 24% chance of passing the exam without help. It is our experience that examinees who have taken advantage of study guides, plumbing prep seminars, or private tutoring greatly increase the chance of passing their plumbing exams.
  • Get your exam reference books. You will not only need them to study for your plumbing exam, you'll need them when you pass your exam and get your plumbing contractor license.
    • NC 2018 Plumbing Code
    • NC 2018 Fuel Gas Code
    • NC 2018 Administration Code
    • NC 2018 Residential Code
    • Laws and Rules
    • Business and Project Management - 5th Edition (not required for Technician license)
  • Begin studying right away. Your chances of passing your exam is directly proportional to the amount of time your spend studying.
  • Complete your Plumbing Exam Application and send it in. Continue studying while you wait for exam approval. Once approved, you only have 30 days to schedule and take your exam.
    • Download the Plumbing Contractor Exam Application here.
    • Download the Plumbing Technician Exam Application here.

We can help you pass your NC Plumbing Exam

    • One-on-One Plumbing Exam Tutoring
      • Schedule a private, one-on-one plumbing exam training day with Mike Smith at 910-520-6938.
  • NC Plumbing Exam Study Guide
      This study guide covers all three(3) Plumbing Exams: P-1 Unlimited, P-11 Limited and the Plumbing Technican Exams.