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Plumbing Exam Prep with Mike Smith

We’ve been around a long time

Since 1994, we have helped thousands of students through continuing education classes and NC plumbing exam prep training.

Pass your NC plumbing exam. 100% Guarantee!

Mike Smith has been helping students pass their NC plumbing exam for more than 24 years. Plumbing Exam Preparation is offered through Instructor-led Plumbing Exam Seminars, One-on-One Plumbing Exam Tutoring, and a comprehensive Plumbing Exam Study Guide.

Instructor-led Plumbing Exam Seminars:

  • 2-day, Instructor-led Plumbing Exam Seminars (plumbing seminars are held in Wilmington, NC)
    • NC Plumbing Exam Students enjoying their learning experience.


One-on-One Plumbing Exam Tutoring

  • Can’t make one of the above seminars? Is your exam date coming up and you need a seminar right away? Mike can help you prepare for your exam through one-on-one exam tutoring. One-on-One Exam Tutoring is offered weekly, by appointment only, at Mike’s personal training studio in Wilmington, NC.

Plumbing Exam Study Guide